Monday, March 28, 2011

snoopy rocks

does'nt snoopy rock!!!!!!my friends and i think that he's one of the best cartoon characters ever!!!!!yeah i know we are dorks but honestly it rocks.besides all the "cool girls" hate me,most of them anyway.ok but remember that snoopy rocks!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I was watching iGot a Hot Room and afterwards it said that you could win some of the things that were in her room.My mom let me enter and now i'm just waiting to see if i've won an ice cream sandwich bench,cupcake table,or a gummi bear light.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oops...I forgot

I forgot to post that I got a 6 on a game board I had to do for school.It was when we were learning about the United States regions and we each got assigned a region after we made a big poster of the United States.We actually got to choose our region for the game,and I wanted the South-east,but so many people wanted it so I had to move to Northeast.I put it on tag board(as all of us did.)In school,we set it up by putting the lines where they were supposed to go to make the squares,and traced the region.We took it home over spring break and I worked on it at Sea Side.I made clay game pieces...(see if you can figure out what states they represent)...a lobster,Boston cream pie slice,statue of liberty torch,maple leaf,liberty bell,Hersey's chocolate kiss,and I think that's it.Well,I brought it into school and everybody thought it was really cool.And in the end,I got a 6!!!!!I was surprised because hardly ANYBODY gives out sixes.I was very proud.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Soon To Come To This Is Me

My brother and I are going to post a ton of videos that we have created at home on our blogs soon.We've been making them scince yesterday and we've already made a ton.A series also might be coming too...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Water Fun

Hana and Elly
Noah and Thao

I can't tell who this is...

The boys all saying they're #1

All the kids that went to the water park... Slide Waters

Emma,Noah,and Me!

Emma and I
Noah in the grass at lunchtime.

Three cousins

The sled race.

Us three going to the Purple Haze.

We went to this water park the first full day in Washington.It was an hour away from Leavenworth and it was a long way we had traveled the day before.In the sled race I banged my neck on the thing that flipped upward.The Purple Haze was fun because it was completely dark all the way down until you got to the bottom and it was scary because there was just a sudden bright light that reflected off the tube.I felt the places where the tubes were connecting.It was a tiny tube and you got water up your nose and in your mouth if you weren't careful on the turns.There was also a tube slide that when you had two people you go faster than if you had one person.You got sprayed by a fountain and you were finished.My dad called one of the tube ones the Screamin' Eddie.You got caught in these little things and eventually you got out.People didn't have very good behavior on it though.There was also a hot tub and small swimming pool.I spent most of my time with Emma,but I also went with other cousins too.I had a blast!

He's Back

He's back for a week now.We're lucky because he has calmed down quite a bit.He's getting older,but he is still pretty energetic.Maddie's at my grandma's and grandpa's house right now,but we're going to get her today.Chewie has been attacking Chewie,my cat,and I really want to get some footage of it.I'll have to show some pics soon,but for now...bye!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Raccoon Video

I made this video myself so check it out!I think you'll like it...just click to view

Thank you for watching.Bye for now!